Friday, April 24, 2009

Seriously, where's all the adults?

To follow up the circus of the beggining of the week. We had an encore the very next day.

I was going through my afternoon panic of getting everyones jersey washed/dried. Dinner down them and out the door for the 5:00 game. Tuesday was nothing new. I was yelling at the 3 youngers ones to get out the door so we wouldn't miss the game. We had 10 minutes to spare. True to form, Avery started argueing. She wanted to walk. I didn't, but knowing the excercise couldn't hurt I agreed. I shuffled the kids onto the grass so I could pull my car in the garage. (I had pulled in trunk side first to unload groceries earlier) I jump in the car and pull forward 2 feet when I hear a crunching noise. I look at the 3 angelic faces and snarl, "who's bike did I just run over?" They all run around the car to see who is going to be killed. Avery looks at me confused, "Mom your tire's flat."

The bike was fine. I can't same the same for my tire. The sharp edge of the exposed handle bar ripped through my tire. Not a little hole like a nail, it looked like some one had taken a hunting knife to the tire.

One pissed off husband and $200.00 later for 2 new tires (apparently you can't replace just one...something about wearing unevenly????) I have a working car.

As far as pictures of this weeks events. There are none. Camera has gone MIA. Also, I think the kids don't believe they're in trouble if I snap pictures. I must learn to do it undercover.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Who's in charge of this place?

I write this to clarify to all my neighbors whom I know think I'm the craziest mom in the circle. Well, clarify maybe the wrong word. Confirm, works better.

Tonight was a wonderful spring evening. It started out with a quick meal that the kids fought over who would get seconds. A mothers dream come true. (Can you hear the soft music playing). We all cleaned off the table and the dishes were in the dishwasher with no complaining. (again the music) Then it was outside for some family play time in the warm sun. The 3 little ones wanted to go on a walk. I sent in my sweet Avery to get Easton.

Enter my real life.......

I hear screaming (Easton's). Avery had gone in and just turned Easton's wii game off without letting him save it. (side note: Saving a video game? remember Super Mario? There was no saving. 3 guys then you won the game or started over, from the beginning.) Anyway, I explain to Avery because of her poor choice we now can't go on a walk. She proceeds to: scream, kick off her flip flops, it hits the ceiling, and stomps to her room.

This isn't the bad part.

The rest of us go outside and play basketball. Carson decides he's done and goes inside. Avery yells from her window that they are going to take a bath and if they can have bubbles. I say NO. I clean up the toys and try to get into the house. TRY being the key word. ALL of the doors are locked. Avery and Carson are in the bath and don't hear the pounding on the door. They don't hear me screaming by the only open window that is 2 stories up. I resorted to throwing woofle balls at the bathroom window until they heard me and came to answer the door.

That wasn't the bad part either.

Avery opens the door wearing nothing but bubbles from head to toe. Carson right behind her looking the same. As I enter the house there is a trail of bubbles across the kitchen, up the stairs, through my bedroom, and into my bathroom. Where they have emptied an entire bottle of bubbles in the tub and then turned on the jets to my garden tub. It looked like Willie Wonka's factory.

You would think that was the bad part, nope.

The bad part was when my neighbor and her 3 kids knocked on the door and Easton opened it to me berating my 2 little angels about bubble's. There was still bubbles everywhere in the house, I was covered in them, the 2 little ones were standing on the stairs naked.

I live in a 3 ring circus.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Things that made me smile

So, I was doing stregth training on the wii fit ( no that's not the funny part). The excercise was the Jackknife. The trainer says lay down and put your heels on the board. Carson says, "mom, you don't have heels," at which I start to tell him what heels are and he interupts me, "you're not even wearing shoes"

His Aunt Tabby is so proud.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Yes, I'm taking orders

These are my newest creation. I gave them to my nieces for their birthdays, they are headed to Disneyland this week. I am so excited how they turned out. Complete with the adorable mini mouse bows.

Halle has new room!

My baby girl decided she was sick of sharing a room with a night owl and an early riser. She packed her crap up and moved to the basement, a world of peaceful, go to bed early and sleep in till 10.

We moved the play room out and moved her in. She is now the proud owner of a fantasticly painted Mickey Mouse room. She had a rough firt night, but the second night she slept 12 hours straight.


There's a Coke in it for the first person who can tell me what this is a picture of. This is why you should keep cameras away from children.

Easter Crafts

For an Easter craft my kids and their friend Elle made bird nests. They took pretzels, cocanut, chex cereal, marshmellows, and chocolate chips. The gathered up the different things just like the mama birds do, then when it was all ready they placed there Robin eggs in it. So, much fun.

Carson's first Sleep over

Carson was ecstatic that not only did he get a new cousin but he got to have his favorite buddy sleep over too.

I tried to help Tabby out by keeping Lincoln overnight and the next day so she could rest. The boys played and had a great time. I love the expression on Carson's face.
These 2 are the ruff and tumble type. They can both hold their own. But as in every fight there must be a winner and looser......
Carson aparently lost this one. Actually, the story (told through a 2 and 3 year old) was they were stuck on Easton's bunk bed and Licoln got scared and kicked Carson in the face.
In the end, they had a great time and slept the whole night through.

Bowling at Fat cats

Gotta love the shoes.

A lesson in the proper bowling ettiquette. After this Halle would only pick up the ball with the right fingers.

Carson was adorable. He would stand there and watch his ball move at a snails pace down the lane and yell at it to move from side to side and pointing at it.

The victors! Halle almost won the kids, but Easton pulled a spare in the last frame to put him ahead. The kids had a great time and keep asking to go back.

As the cheapy in me, I must advise to go on a week night, not Saturday afternoon. They hike up the prices on Saturday. But it was money well spent.

So much to blog so little time.....

We bring them up early.
The fertilizer
The pooper scooper.

Hey, if we didn't scoop the poop, wouldn't it just fertilize it. It would save a step. Hmmmmmmm.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Deal of the Day **props to JD**

JD saw my post on the dishwasher and was highly upset that I just left it at that. He insisted on me giving him the props for our cheapness. As I have said before I couldn't stomach buying a new dishwasher and spending over 500 big ones. So for 6 weeks, I've scrubbed, rinsed and dried mounds of dishes. Then JD finally found the deal we'd be waiting for.

#1- He purchased Lowe's gift cards $25.00 worth for $20.00. He bought 15 cards. $375.00 in gift cards for $300.00
#2- Our credit card sent a coupon for $25.00 off a purchase of $250.00 or more.
#3- All Lowes energy star apliances were 10% off the sale price
#4- Dishwasher was on sale
#5- Lowes deal, spend over $300.00 on an apliance, instillation is free. Worth $120.00.

Grand total: $699.99 dishwasher (listed price at Whirlpool) installed cost about $300.00.

I bow down to you JD, oh master of the bargain.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

May I have your attention please.....

MY NEW DISHWASHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need I say more?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Deal of the Day

No news here that I am like a spring, cheap, cheap is what I sing all the day long. I am always wanting to share with people the great deals that I find. Let's think where could I go to tell people about something without having to call/text every one in my address book???? Duh. So, I will post some of my most favorite cheap deals on my blog. Look to the side links now and again and I'll update it when I find killer sales.

I'll post today's deal right here for now:

Betty Crocker Warm Delights (if you haven't tried them, 45 seconds for chocolate bliss. Try the mini ones for single servings-3 weight watcher points :)

.....anyway, buy 2 warm delights and recieve free eggs.-use 2- $0.50 off coupons from paper for the warm delights, plus the Albertson's in store coupon for free eggs. The free eggs is up to $2.00 off, so make sure to pick up the 18 count.

So that's 2 warm delights, 18 count eggs for $4.09

Same deal different product

2 tropicana OJ, 18 count eggs = 4.09 (w/o coupons or sale would cost 10.00)

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Every spring Jetblue has a local boutique. This year I have agreed to participate. My friend Naoni and I are going to be selling these cute skirts and shirts along with matchig assesories. Naoni also sells bows, headbands and a few other fun things. I don't have pictures of the baby ones, but they are adorable. The full skirt pouffs out over their diaper bums and we have onesies that have matching ruffles on the bums. I think we will be selling them for $10.00 for the baby skirts and $12.00 for the big girls. We'll do special orders for mom's. The shirts will be $6.00 for any sizes.

Check out Apricott's blog listed to the right of my posted for other things Naoni sells. And also the dates of the boutique.

The boutique is open to the public and there is also a carnival for the kids. Last year they had 3 big bounce houses and other games. As well as hotdogs, drinks, and goodies. It's the week before mother's day, so it may be a great place to pick up a gift.

OK enough of selling my goods. I have to tell you that I have found a new found hobby. Finding fabric is like finding scrapbook paper. There are so many cute fabrics out there. I never knew. I am trying to make tutu's for the girls. Not as easy as one would think. I have thrown the meshy mess across the room a couple of times. The girls seem to love these skirts though. They spin around and the skirts puff out.

As Naoni will tell you, I'm not a great seamstress. If you tell me what to do I can do it, but start telling me to do a baste stitch on the casing and make sure to back stitch with a possible surge I will look at you like a deer in head lights, but tell me to do a loose stitch and scrunch the fabric together, then fold the fabric to make a place to put the elastic and secure the fabric down and....wah la! A skirt. I guess sewing is in my blood, but also in my blood is not following a pattern. But, they sure are cute.