Monday, January 24, 2011

posing as a photographer- Stacie and Brandon

My sweet baby sister and her fiance allowed me to drag them out into the woods on a bitterly cold and windy day to take their photos for their engagement. I think they turned out great. Stacie has the prettiest blue eyes that just sparkled that day. It's so great to see her so happy. Brandon has helped turn her into such a beautiful young women.

Love you both!

Game day at the U

ESPN came to the University of Utah this year. JD and Easton were up there with all the other crazies. They always have so much fun cheering on the U's football team. It's hard to not get excite when you're in the middle of the crowd.

Taylor's Birthday

My niece Taylor has a Christmas birthday. 2 day before actually, so like myself, her mom tries to make her birthday as non-christmasy as possible. So, off to Jungle Gyms we went.

Carson loved the bumper cars.

So did the girls. Taylor has taken a liking to Halle and Avery. It's so fun to see them forming a bond.
The little boys were having a blast on this ride. It goes round and round. It made me sick just watching it, but the kids went round and round for ever.

Happy Birthday Taylor!

family pictures

I have been having fun taking pictures of my family. I am a total amature but I think I have a good eye for a neat picture. Photoshop helps to make the picture perfect.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

DeMie family Christmas party

I had my family over for a little Christmas get together. We decided since money was so tight this year to make a fun craft instead of presents. We bought the pre cut wood frames from a friend of mine. We then cut paper to fit the frame, then decoupaged the paper to the frame. Finished it off with a matching patch of fabric. Each kid, even Easton was excited with his gift.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

shhh....our little secret

On Thursday morning Carson asked me if I would cuddle with him and watch scooby doo. What mom can say no to that. We snuggled down under 3 blankets and watched the movie. At some point I fell fast asleep. Carson woke me up 10 minutes before I was supposed to pick up Halle. So we ran and got our shoes and jumped in the car. We raced over to pick her up.

My plans had been to run to the market after picking her up to get what I needed for my crock pot dinner. Well, we still went, me in my PJ's. I told the kids before we got our of the car, "shhhh, this is our secret. Don't tell anyone mom went to the store in her PJ's."

As soon as we got out of the car we ran into some school friends. Embarrass, we said hi and went it to shop. As I ordering some meat from the butcher, Carson comes up and says, "mom, our secret is out" I asked him who he told, thinking it was the school friend, he says laughing, "oh just some random person!"

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Merry Christmas from Disneyland!

Christmas came early for our kids. It was a total surprise! Disneyland trip for Christmas!

It all sounds very glamorous, however, that's not quite how it went down. We were planning on leaving on Friday morning. It was Tuesday night. I was working my graveyard shift. Earlier in the day I had gone and purchased fun things for a Disney themed stocking that I was going to give each child the morning we left (the only good thing I did). JD came home from his mom's house at midnight and informed me the free tickets we had expired the next day! I completely freaked out. We had to leave for the airport in 6 hours and I hadn't packed a thing. Unfortunately, this meant JD couldn't go with us. He had a big meeting the next day that he couldn't get out of.

I quickly got off work. Finished making the ornaments (see above), loaded up the stockings, packed a bag, just enough stuff for 1 day, made hotel reservations, and got to bed at 2:30 am. At 5:00 am the alarm went off and up I got. We woke the kids up individually with their stocking and told them we were going to Disneyland. They were so excited.

We headed to the airport and found 5 inches of snow freshly and still falling snow!

Thank goodness mom works for an airline! The plane happened to be empty and I slept most of the way.

The plane had to be de-iced, and so we got to sit on the plane for an extra hour. The kids were restless knowing what was coming up.
I love Disneyland at Christmas! First thing we saw in the park is the ginormous Christmas tree right in the middle of Main Street. Look at the bulbs, they're as big as Carson's head!

Main street was covered in lights and garland, notice the Mickey faces hanging in the garland.

Meeting Mickey, Carson was not cooperating, so Mickey did the choke hold to get the picture.

My boys wanted nothing to do with Mini, but the girls were ready for the photo-op.

Little man was too short to go on Indiana Jones. So, gulp, I sent the other 3 alone on the ride. Carson and I waited at the exit for them and played some Cars go fish. He didn't seem to notice he was being left out.
Aladin and Jasmin were really cute to the girls.

The haunted mansion is decorated from Halloween through Christmas like the Nightmare before Christmas. It's a different ride during this time. We all loved it.

At night the flipped on all the Christmas lights. I had given them some glow stick necklaces and bracelettes. I found them at the dollar store. I could have sold them for $10 to the other moms in line. I was asked about 8 times where I got them from. I felt bad my kids were having so much fun and the other kids were jealous, but hay, be prepared next time ladies!

All 4 of my kids are all about the roller coasters. We hit all of them most multiple times.

The castle was amazing! It was hung with millions of lights and had the coolest lighted icycles.

In the throng with thousands of others trying to leave.

After waking up at 5 am and a full day at Disneyland, the walk back to the hotel was full of turmoil. Halle cried the entire 1 mile walk and I had to carry Carson half the way. They could even stand up waiting for the green light.
But it was a good day in the end, crazy, but good. Needless to say I got them into bed and they were all out in 5 minutes and slept until 10:30 the next day.

JD met us there late the next day. Luckily the hotel had a consierge lounge and a covered pool, because it rain the next 2 days. So we played a lot in the pool and had lots of treats from the lounge.

The pool was acutall pretty cold. I kept my butt in the hot tub, but the kids talked JD into getting in and playing with them.

Even they needed to warm up now and then.

We gave up on the So Cal weather and tried to get home early. We missed our first flight so we tool solice at the mall. We visited Santa while we were there.

So sad, Easton was too cool to see Santa this year. Maybe after his lump of coal he'll sit on his lap next year. Maybe.