Friday, July 31, 2009

Watch out Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez

Watch out Hannah Montana here come the Rex divas.

These 2 were so funny to take school shopping. Althought they are 26 months apart in age they wear close to the same size. I would hand an outfit to one, she would try it on and then throw it over the wall to the other.
Am I in trouble or what?
Halle made sure to assesorize each and every outfit with bling and sun glasses.
I just want to eat those cheeks!
I just love my girls.

When life gives you lemons.........

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or yet, better put: When you're husband unplugs the freezer and the costco size bag of Rhodes Rolls defrosts and rises........make rolls, bread, pretzels, cheesey bread wheel.

Yes, this is why the Rex's don't camp. On the way up camping JD gave the kids their own little bottle of chocolate milk. What a good dad, right? Sure. Fast forward to the day we are leaving to go home from our camping trip. We open the door to the van that has been sitting in the 90 degree weather for 3 days and about get knocked over from the smell.

One of my little darlings spilled that chocolate milk 3 days prior and didn't bother to 1- clean it up or 2- tell some one so that it could be cleaned up. The milk had sour and into the carpet and was curdled down in the hole that the bucket seats fits into. Disgusting mess that we cleaned as best we could and then tried to hold our breath for the 3 hour ride home.

Once home, my loving and kind husband hosed down the van floor and got the shop vac out and sucked it out. The smell is finally going away.

OK so we arrived home on Monday. Fast forward to Wed. I sent the kids out to get something out of the big freezer. I hear yelling so I go investigate. The freezer is leaking water. It had been unplugged by the kind husband when he plugged in the shop vac and never plugged back in. Which brings us full circle back to the rolls. So, Wed afternoon, I made,3 dozen rolls, a loaf of bread, pretzels, and a big intalian cheesey bread wheel.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's called the "Cowgirl Sqwat"

The "Cowgirl Sqwat" is my new favorite phrase. I learned it from the cutest little girl in Elba, ID this past weekend. We were feeding the horses and she started walking away through the feild. Suzanne asked where she was going and she said she needed to go to the bathroom. Suzanne asked if she would like her to drive her home. Camery asnswered non-chalantly, "nope, it's called the cowgirl sqwat." And off she went.

We were invited up to Elba, ID by our good friends the James'. Their family matches up with our almost perfect. A boy Easton's age, a girl Avery's age and a boy Carson's age. Halle is a little left out, but she can be happy by herself too. Anyway, the James' come from this little tiny town of Elba. They own a ranch up there and breed big old stinky cows, which the kids loved. Let me explain Elba. You know when you're driving to Las Vegas and you come into a valley and you see a scattering of 8-10 houses tucked in between wheat fields and cow pastures? Well, that's Elba, except the closest freeway is 2 hours away. It is really in the middle of nowhere, USA.

That being said. I actually loved the little town. I didn't see a car drive by that didn't waive (or one that didn't have a 3 year old on the drivers lap). Most people drove their 4 wheelers around town. We saw a buck deer in the front yard. Fed horses corn cobs and watermelon rinds. Played around on 40 rolls of hay. 4 wheeled up to a quiet little creek. Ate not-all-the-way-cooked peach cobbler. Caught grasshopper's for bate to fish with. Laughed and played and enjoyed each others company.

(Sorry about all the pictures, but who knows when you'll see the Rex's camping again!)

The small town life isn't for me all the time. But it was a lot of fun for a few days. I will admit I was a little sad to leave it behind. Coming back to the crazy life that I set up for myself at home.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Zoo with Stefanie and kids

Blue Goo shaved ice!
Carson and Easton love the bird show.
Stefanie and Braxton
Avery and Aerianna. Anna had the bloo goo too.
Halle and Kyra. Can't tell they're related can you.
The whole gang.
Every one has to have a picture on the elephant trunk right?
Refueling with crackers and juice boxes.

It was super hot, but super fun to get to hang out with our cousins.

Easton at his first scout camp

8 year olds and sling shots, what could be worse?????
8 year olds and a bow and arrow, that's what.
Watch out for the T-Rex crossing.
First attempt at a ropes course.
Passing off his last requirement. Flag ceremony.
Easton and Ian scouting out the map.
Easton and Ian are the only boys their age in scouts. Good thing they like each other.
Easton is loving scouts. He came back tired and filthy. It took 2 showers to get the dirt out.

Friday, July 10, 2009

This will make you go, "Ohhhhhh"

The other day I was getting ready for the day. Doing my hair, make-up, etc. Carson was hanging out with me. He every so sweetly says, "Mom, remember the parade?" "Yes, I remember it." He goes on, "Jimmy told me to call all the cheerleaders, 'Hotties'" "He did? Did he?" "Yeah, but there were fake hotties in the parade too." I was a little confused, "fake hotties? What's a fake hottie?" He explains, "The girls that sit on the float and don't dance." He stops and thinks about it, and continues, "I bet Uncle Jimmy meets a lot of fake hotties." At that I laughed untill I almost peed my pants. But I couldn't let it go.

So I asked him, "What kind of hotties do you like? Ones with hair the color of mommy's or your hair color?" "Hair like yours." I smiled and said, "What else make a girl a hottie?" He looks me over and says, "When they wear that stuff like you're putting on your eyes. And they wear shorts and a green jacket." He had described exactly what I was wearing. He thinks his moms a hottie!! It just melted my heart. Can't they stay this cute forever?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July Parade

I must start my post the same way I started the 4th of July.

WAAAAAAKE UUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!(picture the lights being flipped on at 7 am)

I roused the troops. This day we were down 2, JD and Easton were in the parade and were heading out the door. I was busy getting everything together:
dressed- check
breakfast in a bag- check
water guns- check
extra water- check
cooler with Coke- check

The next 30 minutes made me grumpy for an hour. Long story short. JD left his cell phone at home. I tried to delivered said phone at the apointed time and place, but JD was not there. My phone rings JD is at home (he ran there) looking for the water guns. Note above check list. They are with me in the car. Fight with cops to let me into the mall parking lot. Deliver cell phone, water guns and extra water to the float (not to my husband).

Que the funner side of the parade and pictures.
This is the first year that we got my little sister Stacie to get out of bed and join the fun. She was so sweet to sit with the kids on the ground. Next year I bet she remembers to bring a chair. Carson was so excited about the parade. Everything but the clowns. And not just any clowns. The ones with the silly string. When he saw one coming he would run and hide behind my chair or onto Stacie's lap and cover his face with his blanket.
Avery with her favorite Uncle Jimmy. These two are nothing but trouble. Can't you just see it in their eyes? Mischeif written all over their faces.
Here Halle has comendeered Grandma's water gun. She squirted every one. From her brother to the mayor to the little kids sitting on the floats.
Here she is getting some inocent guys just sitting with their cars. I think they told her they were out of candy.
I can't help but adding a picture of this little guy. He's just so darn adorable.
Here is Jenny and Taylor. She was such a good girl. She sat in her stroller the whole time and only wimpered when she got water sprayed in her face.
And the fun begins. This is Easton's all star float (notice the decorations. I did that) They stopped right in front of us. All the boys were armed with guns and thought they would soak us. Little did they know that we had 2 super soakers and a cooler full of water.
Dale ran in and got some kid in the face. I think it was Easton
They didn't know what hit them. It was total confusion at first.
Then the coaches got desperate and used their empty candy buckets to throw water at us. Poor London got a bucket full in the head. She's the other coaches daughter.