Friday, June 19, 2009


Hi my name is Amy and I'm a blogaholic.

(crowd) Hi, Amy

So, I just made another blog. Check it out. I'm sure there are other ways of posting things to the internet, but I have a strict policy of knowing only what is neccessary when it comes to the internet. Currently blogger is the answer to all of my problems.

My current problem was how to display and hopefully sale some of my boutique stuff. Everyone always asks if I have a web site. Well now I do. Yeah me! Who needs spacebook?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

And the wife of the year goes to............

I don't like to toot my own horn, but I must give credit where credit is due.

I am the world's greatest wife. And here's why:

First read the post below this one. Did you do that? OK, now let me tell you the night that this player made his major league debut was in fact my 11th anniversary. And I did, in fact enjoy a Dodger Dog and flat Coke for my romantic dinner. Oh, and did I mentioned that I shared this romantic evening not only with 2 of my husbands friends but also with 20,000 other Dodger fans? I also drove around for 2 days in a Toyota yaris
I shared this lovely match box with wheels with 3 men who each weigh over 200 lbs. It was super cozy.

Now even though that sounds like I should win the World's greatest wife with that alone. That's not what put me over the top. The clencher is this: I DIDN'T EVEN COMPLAIN ABOUT IT! Ladies, you know what I'm talking about when I say that makes me the greatest wife.

In all fairness, my hubby felt so guilty for doing this to me, if we weren't at the games, I got what ever I wanted. So, I got a tan, PF Chang's, a movie, a nap, read half a book, drank lots of Coke, and a lot more. I think I maybe on to something here.

Love you JD!

Mitch Jones Stats, Bio, Photos, Highlights | Team

After a long road, JD's former team mate Mitch Jones made his debut in the big leagues. Nothing could be sweeter for JD than for Mitch to get called up to the team that JD bleeds for. The Dodger's can now do no wrong.

Tuesday night Mitch was called in to pinch hit for the pitcher. It was amazing. He went up to bat. The announcer announced the change, the score board read in big blue and white letters: 31 year old Mitch Jones first at bat after 9 and a half years in the minor league. They crowd gave him a standing ovation. He battle through the at bat, but sadly struck out. Do not dismay, the entire crowd was on their feet and cheered as he walked back to the dugout.

Wednesday night started off the same way. Will he get in or not. He did. This time the nerves seemed to be gone. The pitch came in and he put so much power in it not only did the ball take off, but so did the end of his bat. 3 A's players went after the ball but not in time. It dropped between the three of them and Mitch Jones is officially hitting .500 for the Dodger's. There were tears in the eyes of the three 32 year old men that surrounded me. Mitch was living out all of their dreams.

Thanks Mitch and congradulations!
click on the link below for the video of the at bat.
Mitch Jones Stats, Bio, Photos, Highlights | Team

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's the difference between Ireland and Murray?

In Ireland I would be on vaction and enjoying the rain.....Every day for the past week we've had monsoon type rain. The day starts out well enough. Sunshining, birds chirping. The days stays nice, lovely 73 degrees, then at 3 o'clock the black clouds move in.
Right at 5 o'clock the rains come. It goes from nothing to hurican rain in 5 minutes. There's lightening and thunder, sometimes hail. It last for a good 30 minutes, just to rain out games and cool the night down. Then it moves on. I think it circles around and starts again sometime in the middle of the night.

The next 10 days looks the same. Since when did I live in Ireland?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Air Show at Hill Air Force Base

We tooke the kids up to the Air show at Hill air force Base this weekend. Wow. It was so cool. The jet's were amazing. I didn't think that I would enjoy it so much. The raw power these things have is truely amazing.

This is a great picture of Carson loving his American Flag. (sorry about the view, came from my phone and I can't seem to get it right)
Every time we told Carson that another plane was coming he would cover his ears. The jets were so loud that they hurt even my ears. I would definately do this again.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Branching out

I have created a blog all for my very own.

I am a very cheap person as you all know. I love to find deals and see just how much I can save. I also love to tell people about it and in my defense some people ask about where they can save too. So, check out

I plan to post my finds and little tips for saving a buck or 50. My first blog is a poem I wrote for a mother's day gift I was to sell at the boutique. It came with a cute little jar to help mom save a little here and there just for her.