Wednesday, July 23, 2008

For Rob and Becky, and all other Utah fan's this morning

I had to relay a little story for you all. This is for Rob Gray who thought we abondoned him this morning.

JD and Rob and arguably 2 of the BIGGEST Ute fans, to their wives dismay. They have both planned "mancations" centered around the first Utah football game being played at the University of Michigan. Between the two men they will see this game plus at least 6 other sporting events over the course of 4 days. Mancation.

Well, tickets went on sale today, at precisely 8:30 est, 6:30 here. JD also had a plane to catch at 8:40, sounds do able right? Ha ha ha.

My cell phone goes off, waking me up, with a text from Becky. "Rob has been trying to get tickets since 6:30 can you have JD call him?" Well it was 7:10 so I forwarded it on thinking JD was at the airport where he should be, and rolled over and went back to sleep. AT 7:30 JD comes barging into the room, half yelling, "I need your help the computer won't let me buy the tickets."

I jump out of bed. Get Easton ready for there trip, fill up a backpack with goodies, go to the basement and start trying to get the tickets. JD showers, dresses and gathers up his stuff in under 8 minutes. Texting back and forth to Rob the whole time. JD leaves for the airport with 45 minutes to spare before the flight takes off, with strict instruction to not stop until I get tickets.

This part is true...... JD is not gone more than 5 minutes and I'm able to purchase the tickets. Down the street, Becky pulls out her Mac and in 5 minutes purchases Rob's tickets.

Hmmmmm. Coincidence???? I don't know, but either way I think Becky and I just earned ourselves a fantastic girl's trip!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

David Archuleta is Our American Idol

Avery's got her party clothes on. She was so excited for the American Idol concert she could hardly stand it. Notice the cordinating purse (because she is a girl, duh!) and the thigh high boots with the mini-skirt (Grandma bought this outfit by the way). Am I in trouble or what?
Wonderful seats. Thanks Uncle Jimmy. Baaaad camera.

The kids were thunder struck as David Archuleta came on stage. It was deafening as thousands of little girls, grown women and yes a grandma of at least 70 sitting in front of us scream their heads off for the Murray grown boy. He even asked who was from Murray, we all went crazy. He sang so well. My sister Stacie said he looked older....Keep dreaming Stacie, it's still against the law!

Mom's favorite! David Cook. This is my type of singer. Rock on!

Halle was in stimulus overload. She was nervous about the loud sounds and it was sureal to see the people come out of the tv and onto the stage in front of her. She eventually currled up and fell asleep admist the screaming fans. In her defense it was 10:00 by then, well past her bed time. She is still talking about how much fun she had though.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Avery is now six years old. She celebrated with Katie and Abby at Leatherby's and had a movie night in the basement. The ginormous cupcakes were a "big" hit.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ed McArdle. Grandpa, Great-Grandpa, Father, Husband. We will miss you! You were always smiling and brought hapiness where ever you were. In 89 years you had such a wonderfully full life. Serving the military in World War II, inventing things from the pringles can to the 6 pack holder, to raising 2 great kids that eventually turned into 15 Great-Grandkids. You are one to be looked up to and admired. We love you!

Visiting with great-grandma McArdle. The kids loved her house in Chicago. The fed the wild squirels and bunny in her back yard. They caught firefly's. Halled even squished one and it left a florescent streak on her hand. Yuck!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yes, our kids our spoiled, but what good is working for an airline, if you can't fly your kids to Disneyland every once in a while. Here are some pics from our last trip in June. Lots of crowds, but the lines weren't too bad.
Carson was so much fun this trip. He seemed to "get it" for the first time. He got so excited over everything.
Avery and Halle posed for a picture in line for Pirates or "Yo Ho" as Carson calls it. He said "Arrg Maty" to anyone who came near.
Mom, Avery and Halle spent a girls day a D-land. Yes, those are Miney Mouse bows curtesy of Naoni and her wonderful bows.
We also spent and evening at Sea World. The night shows are better than the day ones. The sea lion show is the best of all. All four kids were laughing out loud.

At the beach in San Diego. The kids loved it. They tried to gang up on mom and throw her in, but she's too quick. (I won't force you to look at pictures on her in a bathing suit!)