Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Avery!

My little girl is 9! This sounds cliche, but how can she be this old?

For her birthday we went to Red Robin for lunch with some friends, then it was off to Park City for an afternoon of shopping. Avery tried on EVERYTHING in the Gap and Justice. She could out shop us all. Then, we picked up a gift for the whole family. A great friend of JD's who's kids are all grown up, offered us their trampoline. Such a fun day.

A few things about Avery at age 9:

Still a spit fire: She runs hot. She is always poised for a fight (and usually finds one)
love music: She is constantly singing something (at the top of her lungs).
love babies and little kids: She's been called the baby whisperer. She can take even the most grumpy baby and get them to like her. She's alway willing to take a toddler to the potty or follow them around a playground.
learning to love reading: Like to learn about history through reading.
loves riding bikes: she has started to ride her bike everywhere
new found love BASEBALL: We're are starting to wonder if the love of baseball is actually the love of baseball boys or the game itself, but either way she's out on the field.