Friday, March 25, 2011

The lost city of Atlantis

My wonderful husband worked so hard during 2010, that he earned the incentive trip through his company. The trip was a trip to the Bahamas staying at the Atlatis resort. The best part it was ALL paid for! Thank you honey, for a much needed getaway.
One evening we took a sunset dinner cruise. Once we were on the boat and endured the "food" it was an amazing boat ride. That evening was a "super moon." I told JD there would be and he was like, "I'm sure the moon will be super" But what he didn't know was it was a phenomenom of the moon. It was closer to the earth than had been in the last 20 years. It was 30% bigger and 20% closer to the earth. It made for an unbelievable full moon rising over the Atlantis. The cruise included the full moon, birds flying lower over the waives, Celine Dion "life will go on" in the back ground and my honey with his arms around me. AMAZING!
Here's some of JD's fellow employees and their spouses. It was fun to get to know some new people.
The "Super Moon" between the Atlantis towers.
This would be one of my wonderful poses that JD captured. After taking a thousand pictures he's bound to get a few great shots. grrrrrr.
This is Sherry and me wondering if we will be getting sea sick or not. As it turned out, neither of us did. Darmamine is my newest and favoritist drug ever invented!
Waiting for the cruise was excrutiating. We sat, and sat, and sat. It took at least an hour after getting to the dock and the time we were suppose to until we finally boarded the ship.
More waiting.............
Random picture in front of the Atlantis towers.

The Atlantis has a dolphin cove where you can go and interact with the dolphins. It was fun to touch the dolphin. I wish I could have actually got in the water and swam with them, but it was still fun.

Got to love the flattering wet suits....
Christian and Jesse, fellow employees that took the plunge with me.

The Atlantis water park was a lot of fun. From the lazy river (which I loved) to the 6 water slides, we pretty much didn't leave the pool until they forced us too.

This is the Chanlenger. Here JD is racing Dave for about the 15th time. JD came home with the fastest time of anyone in our group. It was pretty funny to watch these grown men egg each other on.
JD finally talk me into going down this crazy slide. It is a straight drop down through the shark tank. The sharks were the least of my worries, the fact that your legs hang over the edge of the slide when you first lay down is what wasn't working for me. But I did it and live to tell the tale.
Like a couple of kids. JD and Dave. I had to capture this moment the kids standing on the bridge with me commented after they went down, "did you see that splash?" Too funny!
Here is JD going down the plunge.

The night life was a little slow for us that don't drink or gamble or dance for that matter. We ate dinner, then dessert, then just wandered around for awhile. The saving grace for the night life was the fact that it was March Madnes and there was a sports book.
Me and my pirate fetish!
The wives enjoying the only chair left at the sports you think any of the 25 men around would offer up a seat??? NO WAY!

Watching BYU loose. Late night for Dave I guess.
Loving the warm sunshine and a good book.

So, on our first day at the pool, Dave and JD wanted to be the first ones around the lazy river. There were 2 little boys that wanted the same thing. (wish I would have got their picture). So when the life guard gave the go ahead, Dave and the 2 boys jumped in their singel tube and took off. I was sitting in the double and JD started running us down the river. When he got to the rapids he tried to jump on the back. He only succeeded in dumping the tube upside down. I went straight under, he landed on top of me as the rapids pushed us down the river, scraping and bruising us a it went. My rear end was bruised the rest of the trip.

After that scene we decided to forgo the race and go up to the slide. This is quite amazing. You sit in your tube and the river takes you right up to a conveyor belt. You sit in the tube as it take you up and then dumps you back into a water line at the top of the tower. Your tube floats around up to the slide and you go down. Usually this works without a hitch, however JD and I found ourselves backwards and needed to turn around in order to go down the slide. As JD stood up, he was standing on a plastic water grate, his weight pushed the grate apart and his big toe slipped between the slats then popped back into place, trapping his toe. I didn't weigh enough to displace the slats again. By this time he was screaming that it was breaking his toe. He finally just ripped it out leaving behind a good chunk of skin. We went down the slide and by the time we got out of the river it was bleeding pretty bad. I went and asked the towel people for some towels and ice and the next thing we knew the parametics were there to bandage him up and made him sign a waiver.

Here's the paramedic making sure JD was going to sue.
Here he's getting operated, I mean a band-aid.
That is what all the fuss was about......a bruised big toe, missing some skin.
Another ridiculous picture caught while waiting for JD to take his 2000 picture.
We had such a great relaxing time together. It was much needed and apreciated. I think I should do it more often.

Carson's funnies

Carson- Mama, can I have a play date?

Mom- Why don't you play with me?

Carson- Well, mom, we really don't have anything in common.


Carson- Mom, you talk a lot about going on a Disney Cruise.

Mom- I know I think it sounds like a lot of fun.

Carson- Mom, (pausing for effect) you realize there's not much on the crusie for parents, right?

Setting- Carson and Jack battling over a bike

Carson- Jack, you better be nice or I'm pulling out the big mittens. (he meant gloves)


Carson (5 years old)- mama, I can't wait for spring break.

mom- why's that?

Carson- cuz, that means I get to sleep in!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Juicer Man

JD decided the road to being healthy and loosing weight begins and ends with juicing. The day this industrial stregnth juicer arrived, so did JD with $50.00 worth of produce to shoot through his new toy.

He truely was a kid in a candy store. He juiced apples, oranges, grapes, tomatoes, spinach, brussell sprouts, cucumbers, carrots, lemons, limes, and palmagranates. The worst of the bunch you ask was cucumber juice and palmagranates.

Halle told JD the other day, "Dad, if you were star student and got to bring in your favorite toy, I bet you'd bring your juicer." So true Halle, so true.

A man and his juicer

All 12 concotions he came up with! yuck!

Ballet West

JD recieved some tickets to Ballet West new production of Sleeping Beauty.

I decided to take Halle on a special date. We got all dressed up, drove down town, had a nice dinner at her choice of Sizzler. I pulled out the tickets to check the address and realized the show was the following night.......Well, at least we had a fun meal together!

The next night, JD scored another 2 tickets so we took Avery and our friend London. There was a silent auction dinner then the show. The girls enjoyed themselves quite a bit. The show got quite long for them and they were about asleep when it ended. But they all found a love for the arts!

Breaking the Tooth Fairies Bank

Halle had 2 front teeth that refused to come out. We had to visit our favorite dentist to get them pulled out. She was so brave to get 2 teeth pulled!!!!




As a family resolution for the year, we decided to once a month do an act of service for someone. In January, the kids went through the toys they didn't play with much. They cleaned them and donated them to the local Children's Hospital. It was hard for them to part with toys they loved. I was so proud of them to be willing to give to children less fortunate than them.
In February, we decided to do service to each other. We made this clothes line with little buckets. Each bucket had a name on it. At the beginng of each week we drew names. The name we drew was the person we had to do service for all week. Each time a service was done they recieved a kiss or an hug, well a hersey "kiss" or "hug" in their bucket.
The kids had a great time help one another. I hope that they have learned that service can be just down the hall. We don't always have to look to outside our families to give service.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Avery's first email

Avery needed to get a copy of a paper that she lost from her teacher. I was busy making dinner and she was freaking out. I told her to email her teacher and ask for another copy. She disapeared for a few minutes and came back and said it was done. I was surprised she was able to do it. I meant to check to see if it was done right, but forgot. Then I recieved a reply back from her on to see what she wrote.

Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2011 6:22 PMTo: Winn, SheriSubject:

can avery have a new star of the week paper. if she can emale it or give it to her at school. avery loves you thank you for all you do love amy rex

Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2011 08:40:21 -0700Subject: RE:

I gave her a new one. Thanks for all you do. She is darling. Mrs. Winn

Oh, gotta love that girl!