Thursday, February 25, 2010

McReader of the Month

I am so proud of my Avery. She started the year struggling a bit with her reading, but she kept at it and studied hard. She is now reading quite well. At their school the kids read a book, then take a test. They earn points based on the level of their books and the score they recieve. She was the first in her class to reach a 50 point level, which is quite an achievment for a first grader. We're so excited that she is learning to love reading.

Winter Fun

We had a great time sledding at Murray Park. It is the place to be during a snow storm. The hardest part for this old mom is getting back up the hill. Carson couldn't get up on his own, so I had to drag him up on the sled. Good work out!

Friday, February 5, 2010

My kids on drugs.....

When your child is sick, legitmately sick, ie, strep throat, ear infection, etc., you take them to the doctor. You get the anibiotics that they need and plan on a recovery with a few days. You keep giving them the dosage, even though the feel better, until the 10 days are up. That is the plan and for normal people, that's how it goes. However, my little people's bodies have a different idea.

This is my baby boy 9 years ago. 3 days into his antibiotics for an ear infection. We were on vacation. We thought of course he was dying of luekemia or something horrible. It took 1 trip to the dr's and 8 hours in the children's hosiptal in Cincinatti to determine he was allergic to his antibiotics. The reaction is called eurithema mulitforme minor. Different from your run of the mill allergic reaction. This isn't a histimine reaction, but a immune system reaction. Scary, but the cure is no more of these medicines.

Fast forward nine years. My little girl was taking the same anitbiotics. 7 days later she woke with a slight fever. 12 hours later (2 am) she wakes up like this. Scary again, but knowing what Easton went through we didn't rush her to the ER. The peditrician said he was a different presentation of a allergic reaction, (usually starts day 2 of taking the meds), so she is now on 3 histimine blockers to clear her up. Which should occur in 3-5 days. My poor babies!

The moral of the story. It's true when they say don't give them anitbiotics unless they need them. You can form a resistance to them!