Friday, August 29, 2008

First day of school part I

After reading over everyone's blogs about their kids first day of school, I've concluded that I'm the only mother that was excited for school to start! Easton was bored out of his mind half the time during this summer, the other half he was fighting with Avery. He is most definately happier in his element, the classroom. He won the award for the highest first grader in the history of the school for reading last year, during the summer the only thing he read was the cereal box. 3 days into school and he's reading 2 different novels......What does Mrs. Maughn have that I don't? Maybe it's Avery. He has no one to bug him at school or maybe it's the award program every month where he gets to go in front of the school everytime he hits a milestone in his reading. Or maybe it's the alustrious Abby Graham, (j/k Easton!) Whatever it is I'm thankful that Easton has his wonderful class to go to for another year. Last year he learned and then tried to teach me how to make a power point presentation, maybe this year he'll teach me how to make my own website! Remember when my son turned 7 and became smarter than sad.

Look for Part II and III of first days of school. All three kids start 3 different days, ugh! Good for them, they each get their own day, bad for me they're not all in school for another week!

Here he is in all his cheesiness! Could he be happier to be going to school?!
Notice Abby in the forground? She really is adorable and Easton thinks she's swell ; )

Saturday, August 23, 2008


We finally arrived at the Utah Fan Fest. It was at Rice Eccles Stadium. All the Utah sports athletes were there, signing autographs, playing games, or dishing out ice cream. The kids went sledding down real snow with the ski team. Were able to yell "for!" with the golf team. Watch the longest hands up stands up game in history with the gymnists. Shoot hoops with the basketball team. Serve up some heat with the tennis team. They dunked the mens baseball team in the dunking booth. Learned to be butterflies with the swim team. And ate Bryers UTAH UTES ice cream! After all that as we were walking to the car the football team started to arrive and they were able to get pictures with their favorite players.

All in all in, it was a fun morning. The only low point was when I though JD had Halle and he thought I did. When in reality she was with the Crimson Club in their booth....."We have a lost girl in a pink Utah dress, she says her mom and dad are Amy and JB. Please come claim her"......How embarassing. In my defense, there was a thousand people crowded together, and they were ALL wearing RED AND WHITE!

Good times. Check out our pictures.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

No I'm not kidding

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words.....Need I say more?

The Last of our Summer Days

Jamie Hunter and her son, invited some friends over to play on their slide. The kids had so much fun. We arrived at 1:00 and I had to yell at them to get off of it at 4:45. They finally came home, all in tears. There were only a few bumps and bruises as the boys found it more fun to go up the slide and the girls still wanted to go down the slide. For the most part they all played very well together.

Carson had a hard time climbing up the ladder and had to have help each time. The older kids would push him up by the bum. At one point Easton was almost to the stop of the ladder and slipped. He took out all the kids as he slid down. It was pretty funny from my vantage point.

So, summer's coming to an end. This was a great way to spend one of our last days. Thanks Hunter's!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Watch out bees!

At Wheeler farm the kids wanted to go and play in the playhouse. No big deal right? We scooted them along thinking we adults could sit and chat in the shade of this big tree. We hadn't even sat down when Avery started screaming. I thought "ok, who did what?" She ran over to me screaming "It stung my in the eye!" Apparently a bee flew into her eye and stung her on the corner of it, right where tears come out. Good thing we had Becky the eye girl with us. She looked at it and said in missed her actual eye ball, and gave her magic gum to make it quit hurting. She didn't even have the magic treat unwrapped, when Rhys came running out screaming holding his eye. Yes, that's right he got stung in his eye as well. To weird. He also go the magic gum, and we left the crazed bees and went for slurpees.

Moral of the story, as Malik said while trying to comfort the two youngsters..... Look on the good side, that bee can't hurt you again. Once he stings some one he dies. .... thanks Malik!


We were invited for a picnic at wheeler farm with our friends. The kids had so much fun. The kept trying to not fall in the stream (some did, some didn't). And they played tag on the open field. After we went around and saw the animals. A great day in the summer sun.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Halle's happy birthday.....week

Halle had such a fun birthday week. First, daddy decorated her bedroom while she slept, so when she woke up, there were streamers everywhere. For lunch we took her to her favorite restaurant, Jason's Deli. She ordered pizza and finished it off with ice cream. Then Grandma Rex picked her up and took her to see High School Musical, the musical. She got dressed up and went to the theater! She loved the part when Sharpee got cake thrown in her face. After the musical Grandma took her for ice cream, again. For dinner we took her to dinner as well. She choose Red Robin because they would sing to her. The waitress said they don't usually sing, but after we were finished eating she came out with 7 other people and they sang "Happy Birthday" to her, along with a dozen balloons. She was giddy. And she had another ice cream. We then took her to Toys R Us where she picked out her birthday present. On Sunday, Opa and Lisa came over with b-day presents. Monday the festivities continued when Grandma Rex picked her up and took her to Jason's Deli (again) where she had ice cream (again), then shopping at Toys R Us (again) then too the clothing store. On Tuesday her Aunt Stacie picked her up and took her to Toys R Us (again) and then to get ice cream (again). All in all I believe she ate her weight in ice cream and came away with her top three toys that Toys R Us had to offer.