Friday, January 30, 2009

Progress Report.....Just smile and wave boys

The beginning of January made me reflect on the past year. I looked at what we had done as a family that was working and what was not. The list was long, but the thing that I realized is that my young family, isn't as young as it used to be. My children need more than just the fun mom who plays games, reads stories and does crafts. Those things were on my good list and so, I will continue doing them, but I need to step up as a mom and start teaching my kids other things as well.

My first goals were to:
1- eat better
2- save money
3- be more organized
4- keep kitchen clean (baby steps for an overall clean home)
5- give my kids more responsibility

Here was my solution

It's the Rex Family meal plan. This is how it works. I put together a jar full of all the meals that I cook, from a Roast w/potatoes to grill cheese sandwiches. The meal includes main course, fruit/vegitable, side dish. Then on Tuesday night we all pick one meal out of the jar. Leaving one day for eating out during the week. On Wed morning I take my coupons for only the items I need to make these 6 meals, plus any have to have bargains and other estentials. I pick what meal we'll eat on each day and cordinate the easiest meals for the days when we're the busiest. Then whom ever picked the meal is responsible to help mom cook it, set the table, and clean up.I have found such a change in my life. Not to mention the kids. I don't find myself staring into a cupboard full of stuff and having no idea what to make. The kids get excited when it's their day and they want to learn how to cook. Dinner is cooked and cleaned up within 1 hour!

So, check, check, check, check, and check! 5 down 873 to go!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

National Champions?!?

Just when we thought the Utah frenzy was over, it was kicked up a notch. The University threw together a mini parade and pep rally. We went thinking that it would be a small affair. It was on a Friday afternoon at 3:00, how many people would be able to show up at that time? Well, enough to fill state street up, on both sides, from North Temple to 500 South.It was a great time for the kids. Especially Carson and the girls. They were feeling neglected since Easton was able to go to the game and they were stuck home. At the parade they were giving out buttons, posters, and mardi gra beads.
There were so many people there was no way that the kids were going to be able to see. So I literally pushed my through to the front and sat on the street. In my defense we were at the front until some grandma boxed us out. So, that explains the angle of the pictures.
It was great to see these boys who have become overnight super stars to the people of Salt Lake. I thought the crowd was going to mob Luis Sakoda.
Here's the pep rally. After the parade everyone converged on the state capital building grounds. It was really crazy. The band was playing and they had huge speakers set up. The coaches talked and some important people like the U's president I think. I couldn't see a thing. I of course had the eye view of an 8 year old. Needless to say the kids and I got bored (and cold) quickly. Carson was about to have a panick attack. All the poor little guy could see was legs and never does well with really loud noises. We retreated to the back of the pack. Believe it or not there was a Dominoes chick selling mini pizzas. I just had to add that because I found it so funny.
The following day at half time of the basketball game, they presented the trophy to the team. We tried to stand in line before the game to get autographs, unfortunately for us, so did the rest of the state. We didn't get in the building, before they turned us away.
So, during the game we sent Avery and Easton to go bug the players as they watched the game to get their football signed. They players were like celeberaties. Coach Wittingham had a 4 man police escort. It was good times for everyon.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

When the spirit moves

Well, the spirit or maybe its working 7 grave yard shifts in a row, but I felt the need to thank all the people in my life that help keep my world turning.

It's amazing how a little thing, like McDonald's french fries for no reason (thanks Carrie) or a gift of makeup samples after your entire makeup bag was stolen (thanks Tabby) can bring the much need smile to cool off your lack of patience.

Sometimes a break from all the kids and their childish drama, if even for an hour can make the biggest difference. Letting my girls come and play so that I can rest, clean or even just take a shower, can give me the boost I need to make it through the rest of the day. (thanks Arlene)

Words of encouragement, wheather through emails, blogging, texting, or late night phone calls can help weather any storm that may have brewed during the day. (thanks Naoni and Brenda)

A date night with my husband, when I know I can stay out as late as I need, has helped turn the 10 year stretch, into a new love afair. (thanks Stacie)

A sacrifice of even 1 hour of work so that I can sleep means the difference of making my new work schedule work for our family or not. (thanks JD)

This may seem strange, but having women that allow me to help them too, makes me feel worthy of all my friendships and the services they give me. Knowing that I can make someone elses life just that much easier by picking up a child from school, lending an egg or SOS pad, or grabbing a carton of milk while I'm at the grocery store helps build my sense of self worth. So thank you to everyone for allowing me to serve you, it almost seems selfish, because I think I get as much out of it as you.

Thank you to all the wonderful people in my life. Life is never as hectic as it seems when there is a great network of people that you can count on in your life.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things that made me smile

Carson upon entering the car he says to me, "OK mom, let's roll!" I say increduously (that's for you Bren) back, "let's roll?" He's says, "Yeah, let's get the rock outta here."

Wow, no more Hana Montana for him.

To get this next one, you must first understand that Halle has not gone through a meal without spilling since she was 1.

We're sitting down to our whirlwind Wed night dinner, see we all have activities on this night, Avery asked for a breadstick and JD goes to hand her one and knocks over a full glass of apple juice all over the table and all over Avery. We all just started laughing.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Flying standby on Jetblue = $55.00
Getting bumped from 3 flights = Stress, gray hair, panick attack
Hotel once stuck in NYC = $150.00
Chinese food and pizza in hotel room at 10:30 pm = $30.00
Purchase plane ticket from NYC to New orleans = $125.00
Car ride to hotel = $10.00
Car ride to second hotel after first room was given away = $10.00

The look on these boys faces at game time and the big W = PRICELESS

Here are the long awaited photos from the infamous trip to New Orleans.

Here is proof that these boys were traveling for a long time, with crappy food and even crappier sleeping habbits. My poor little boy, he was such a trooper.

After a LOT of traveling, finally New Orleans is spotted out the planes window.

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words.

New Orleans was prepared for Utah....but Alabama wasn't.

This is the team bus.

Easton and his friend Jordan with Swoop.

Easton and Jordan rarin' to go with their game programs.

After all the fun at the Utah game, you may think that the boys waited a day and came home? Nope, the fun had just begun......

My dad and his wife got an early morning call that they had one chance to get out of New Orleans within the week. I gave them exactly 1 hour to get to the airport. They flew to Boston, then to Las Vegas, where yes, they got stuck over night and had to buy a ticket home. Sorry, Pops!

Devon fared the best by staggering into his hotel at 3:30 am and then getting an early start on a drive to Houston then a purchased flight home.

Ty and Rob, flying standby (not with Jetblue, thank heavens) Arose early and tried for their first flight to get out of New Orleans. With only one seat open, Ty took it to Austin and Rob waited for the next flight. When Rob got there 4 hours later, Ty was still waiting to get on a flight to SLC. Again with one seat open Ty jumped on and Rob was stuck in Austin overnight. After hearing that there was a snowballs chance he was getting home, he diverted to Phoenix where he met up with JD and Easton. Eventually, buying a ticket home. (after the Fiesta bowl) Hey Rob, take a shower!

JD, Easton, Travis and Jordan left the game and started driving (FAST) to Nashville. This was a 7 hour drive through the middle of the night. They arrived in Nashville with about 30 minutes to spare before their plane left. From there they flew to Kansas City to watch the Jay Hawks play. Proof that JD was very tired???? Not a single picture was taken. From the game it was back to the airport and they flew to Phoenix. The next day Rob caught up with them and the day after was the Fiesta Bowl. After getting back from the game very late, JD and Rob over slept their first flight home. Trying to catch the next flight, they ran into traffic and JD's digestive track and missed the next flight as well. FINALLY they made it home safe and sound.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Things that made me smile

I decided that somethings that happen during the day just need to be written down. I know that I am much more likely to write them here than in the journal next to my bed. So, I plan on just jotting down random things under this title every once in a while.

Here's a start of some things that have made me smile....

Carson was supposed to be napping, and came down in tears. I asked what was the matter and he said, "I have been looking for my doggy movie for AGES, and I can't find it."

Today we were parking the car at Costco and it was crowded. I asked Carson if he was ready to "do Costco?" In a mono-tone voice he answered, "Bring it on, cowboy"
I about peed my pants. I have no idea where he came up with that.

Simply Unstoppable

The Utes won! Makes all the travel woes worth the while.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

How I spent my first day in 2009......

I spent my first day in 2009 the same way I spent my last of 2008......trying to get 7 people to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl.

My poor husband, son, dad, dad's wife, Ty, Rob, and Devon. I may have spent 2 entire days working on getting them there from my computer, they actually spent the entire 2 days traveling from airport to airport. In the end they were stuck at JFK overnight, but after a 36 hour traveling day from hell, and their purse strings a little lighter, I'm please to announce they should arrive in New Orleans this morning. Refreshed and ready to cheer on the UTES!

So enjoy the football theme for today as I hope to send out good karma for the University of Utah.