Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Drive-in movie!!

We love to head out to the drive-in movies a couple times a year. This year we headed out without know what was playing. To our great suprise it was the opening night for Cars 2. The place was packed, but they had lost of fun.

Being the middle of June the sun didn't set until 9:30. The movie didn't end until 11:30. The kids were so tired we didn't make it to see Pirates.....Oh well, still worth the trip.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ward Water fight June 17

Our ward had a water party. All the kids joined in with their squirt guns and hoses. Even the great-grandmas joined in. The kids held nothing back against the 80 somethings. Quite funny.

Jetblue boutique- June 17

Jetblue Spring Boutique out did themselves this year. First time in 6 years it didn't rain, so we packed up the kids and an extra one and headed to the park. Every one that wanted got their face painted.
Halle wanted a butterfly.

Carson wanted a tiger, Jack want nothing to do with it.

Avery did a butter fly too, but went with the smaller version.

Sea World came and brought some non-aquatic furry friends with them. The kids loved the lemur.

They each got a plush animal from Sea World. They jumped on the bounce houses until they were ready to puke. Good times for all!


We just can't get enough of the D-land. Needing a little family time, we headed down to sunny So Cal. It's great this year, because we're all tall enough for all the rides. Makes my life easier when I have them all by myself.
I can even throw them on the Tea cups with out me!!!! Hallelujah!!!
The big kids in back me and the little ones in front.
Not to self, don't do the canoes ever again, and I mean EVER!! Biggest waste f time and my arms hurt after. I want sore feet after Disneyland not sore arms.

last day of school

The last day of school wrapped up witha few tears, but mostly smiles. Halle loved her teacher Ms. Walters. she taught her how to read and write. Halle made lots of new friends. She was sad because 2 of her best friends are moving away during the summer.

Field day - June 2

Field day is always a hit with the kids. They love to climb the bounce houses, eat watermelon, dunk the 6th graders in the dunk booth, eat snow cones and popcorn, and most of all run through the firemans hoses. This year it was bit chilly and the water didn't last too long, which the kids didn't seem to mind. Don't let the blue sky full you, it was barely 60 degrees. But hot or cold, the kids had a good time.

AR school winner and McReader of the year - May 27

Every since Easton was a baby all he wanted to do was read. His toys sat untouched, while his books became tattered and torn. His desire to read to himself brought him to teach himself to read at 5 and he hasn't put a book down since.

This year Easton was bound and determined to beat his friend Henry at reading. Half way through the year, Henry gave up, and Easton didn't stop until the end. He ended the year at about 650 points, which was about double his previous best.

Those points earned him the highest earner in the school! and the McReader of the year. We are so proud of him. Setting a goal and achieving it.
McReader award winners receive a book. Just what he needs.
Recieving his award.

Easton and Henry. Friends with a fierce competitivness.

Fit Fun Run - May 20

The kids school does a Fit Fun Run every year. This year I joined in for the 3 miles. I tried running it with Easton. He ditched me in the first 2 minutes, but I past him and he never caught up. Halle's walked the mile with her Kindergarten friends. Avery ran with last years teacher that she still loves. It's such a great program to get the kids in shape. It gives them so much confidence when they achieve the mile goal they set for themselves.

First unofficial race completed! Granted it was with 300 children, but 3 miles is 3 miles. Unofficial time 28:44.....next stop 10k??? we'll see!

Last day of preschool....forever!

After 6 straight years of a Rex attending Murray Community Preschool we said goodbye. Carson was our last graduate of preschool. I don't want to even think about how much money was spent there, but we have 4 very smart, very ready for kindergarten kids because of them. Thanks to all the teachers who helped, taught and loved my kids!
Good bye, Ms. F!

Goodbye Ms Karen!

Carson's green thumb May 15

Carson planted this bean plant in preschool. We were all amazed with how well it did. It never warmed up enought to plant it outside but we were able to harvest about 10 beans from this plant.