Friday, September 10, 2010

Quality time with mom

As a last ode to summer I took my little man to Wheeler Farm for some pictures, animal petting and exploring. We had so much fun, just the 2 of us. We haven't had much time to spend one on one, since, well, since he was born. So now with Halle in school we get to spend more quality time together. On the way out he was holding my hand, swinging my arm and looked up at me and said, "mom this is the best activity we did all summer." I ask why that was and he said "cuz it's just you and me." Then he finished with, "do you think we can do this every year before school starts?" I smiled and said, "of course." But, really how many more years will my little guy want to spend alone time with his mama at the farm? I want to cry each day this little boy grows older. I am holding on to his childhood so tight, I don't what I will do when he finally out grows me.

Easton is 10!

I am the mother of a 10 year old!!!

My Easton where to start? The child came into this world 10 past his expiration date kicking and screaming. He never slept through the night until he was 2 and was given a real pillow top mattress to sleep on. He never like to play with trucks or blocks or toys of any kind. He loved to read books, throw balls, watch movies and the computer. In ten years, not much has changed.

This boy taught himself to read at age 5 by playing on the internet and hasn't stopped since. He LOVES to read. I think more than anything else in the world. We have a little contest to see who can read the most books. He read 12 books over the summer and is now diving into the Lord of the Rings. I'll let him win me on those.

Easton is a highly intelligent child. JD and I are pretty sure that he will be smarter than us by age 12 (if he isn't already). I see Ivy League in his future ( and big $$$$ in mine).

He excells is most everything he sets his mind too. Baseball, football, school, anything he tries at. EXCEPT, cleaning. Easton is the messiest child I have. The boy cannot find a garbage can, laudry basket or sink to save his life. He can tell you 10 animals that live in the african desert that start with the letter "T" but can't remember that he gave his football jersey to his coach to have his name put on the back of it until we've searched the house over for 90 minutes. He reads on an high school level, but can't figure out where he put the book that he set down 2 minutes ago.

I love this boy dearly and hope he knows that he is a very special person to us. I have loved watching him grow the past 10 years and can't wait to see where the next 10 take him.

First Day of School times 4

School started this year in 3 waves. The big kids started first, a week later Halle started Kindergarten, and a week and a half later, Carson.

Carson had to wait for all 3 of his siblings to get to his first day. He was so antsy. Every night he would ask me, "Is tomorrow my first day of school?" After so many "No's" he was so excited when it was a yes! He could barely sleep the night before. I'm so glad he loves his preschool and Mrs. F and Miss Karen. We love that place!

Halle started Kindergarten this year, sigh. I had a hard time with this one. Carson and Halle have been with me, together, since Halle was 6 months old. So to have them seperated for the first time was harder for me than either of them. We, and by that I mean I, am doing better after a few weeks. I thought that Carson and I could use the time alone to play and go on adventures, but all he wants to do is sit by himself in the quiet house. It's quiet funny actually.
Halle's first day was perfect. She was so excited to go to the big school. She is the oldest in the class by a few days, but the tallest by a half a foot. She is still a little shy, get her feelings hurt easily, but has the sweetest smile and kindest heart.

The other munchkins would barely stand still for a picture. They acted like this was old news to them. Easton has his same teacher as last year and Avery always acts too cool. Both were excited to have some of their best friends in the class this year.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Utah Fan Fest 2010

Last year the University of Utah decided not to have their annual Fan Fest. A Saturday that all fans of all sports can come together to meet the players of their favorite sports. I thought my poor husband was going to have a stroke from being denied this wonderful opprotunity. I suppose a lot of fans were upset, because they brought it back this year and the fans came in numbers.

Can you say Christmas card?

We met the tennis team. Carson gave it a try. Look at that cocentration.

We golfed.
Some better than others.
We met the swim team. We raced rubber duckies down the water tracks, powered by our squirt bottles. Carson and I won by the seat of our speedoes.

We met some VERY tall basketball players.

We met swoop.
He thought Carson was a football.
Carson was terrified of these HUGE lineman from the football team. But have you ever seen cuter faces? They were like big teddy bears. I guess Carson hasn't forgotten how hard they hit those other players.
The gymnastic team was in charge of the jump house. And jump they did.
Carson went on the obstacle course about 15 times. He would smoke the girls going up the ladders.

JD and I even found a moment to be together.

The changing of the seasons

Most people mark the passage of time by the calender. They notice the cool breeze that begins to usher in the fall and slowly pushes summer away. As they mark off the days on their calender the warm days become fewer and fewer until the warmth of the sun can only be felt while sitting in an enclosed vehicle.

That's most people.

We here at the Rex home note the passage of the seasons by the sport equipment that is scattered around our house. Gone are the days of bat bags, gloves, bats, baseball caps and cleats that deposit red dirt all over my clean floor. Now I trip over sholder pads, oversized jerseys, footballs, helmets with face guards and cleats that deposit mud and dried grass all over my clean floor.

Yes, baseball season is over and Football season has begun.


‎.......yes, an UNopened bottle of Squirt when dropped from a barstool, will in fact "squirt." The lid will not come off, but will loosen enough to give the effect of a sprinkler head and it will "squirt" liquid from the ceiling to all four corners of a lager kitchen. It will not exclude covering windows, doors, homework, lights or children standing nearby.