Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Moms crazy projects

Before and after...

I for one love the change!

Sister and brother fun time

Halle and Carson can lay so cute together. They spent the day building this fort. Then insisted upon sleeping in it. I just love the bond they have.

Field day and last day of school

The last week of school is full of fun. First field day with bounce houses and slide, the year end assembly and crazy hair day and pj parties. We need the week off at 7 peaks water park. What a way to kick off summer.

The airshow at Hill Air force base

It is always amazing to see these planes. The speed and noise is mind blowing.

We are two for two for watching this in the rain. Both years there has been a downpours.

Baby Malia JoAnn Kaisa


The fam came to Vegas to pick me up after I missed my flight home. No better way to get over jet lag than longing by the pool in 100 degrees.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My trip to Holland

I had so much fun in my trip to Holland with my aunt MaryJane. We met family I have never seen before. The houses where my grandparents grew up. The tulips( well the few still standing) and the windmills. We ate more than 2 people ever should. It was fabulous.