Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just point and click

Some times there is no time to find the camera to capture the moment. For that I'm grateful for the (usually) good quality of my blackberry camera. Here are a few of what I've found on my phone in the last little while.....
Halle and Carson at T-ball. They are both so stinkin' cute get up there to bat. Coach/uncle Dale told Carson to watch the ball so he could catch it, Carson said I can't watch it when you throw it behind me!

We took the kids over to a local pet store that had Scales and Tales giving demonstrations all day long. They had some of the coolest creatures from a horn lizzard thing to a comono dragon. Plus some HUGE snakes. Avery wanted a picture with the huge python, but she wasn't strong enough to hold its 90+ pounds, so JD strapped the creature around his neck and Avery back into him to pose for the picture. As if on queue I said "Oh, Avery, where's that things head?" and the animal handler, not skipping a beat put his finger in Avery's hair. Well, she scream bloddy murder, the entire store broken into laughter and I almost peed my pants. All the comotion upset the snake and he took the biggest crap on JD. It was pure comedy.

The other day I was trying to get the kids out the door when I heard music coming from the living room and could see Carson's little feet stick out from the side of the sofa. He had turned on the radio and was listening to classical music. I smiled and went about my buisness. A few minutes later I hear Halle say, "Carson, dance with me," and he gets up and they start waltzing across the living room floor. Absolutely adorable.

The other day Carson was being too quiet so I called him to my room where I was doing laundry to ask what he was up to. He answered,with a big sigh, that he just needed some alone time. I obliqed and went back to the clothes. But then I started hearing a tune of "I'm dreaming of a White Washer" being sung in the laundry room. I found Carson with his head stuck in the glass of the front load washer singing his heart out. He stayed there for 20 minutes.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Winner, winner chicken dinner!

Easton won his first Pine Wood Derby race! He was proud of his little black car. It raced quite well considering......Considering he and JD put it together at 11 o'clock the night before. JD hijacking a car kit from the church at 10:30pm. They actually had to wait to weigh it for the paint to dry. But even with all the procrastination, the little feller got that car to win first place.

Field Day

The last day of school is a favorite around here. The day starts with a drive in movie for the first graders. They make their own card board box Cars complete with custom paint jobs. Then its field day. Their school has 3 HUGE inflatables that the kids climb, slide and jump on. There is watermellon, snowcones, popcorn and a dunking booth full of 6th graders. Last but not least the firetruck pulls up and opens fire from the top of their ladder on the field full on hundreds of screaming school kids (and their little siblings). The kids come home, cold, tired and grinning from ear to ear.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

This Memorial day was spent with my family and friends. It was a wonderfully quiet day.

Coming off my grave yard shift I splet until noon. The power was out so we decided to go out to lunch. Unfortunately, the power was out in most of the buildings near our house. An hour and a half later we finally ended up 10 miles from home at a burger joint. We had a race to see who could finish the crossword puzzle on the kids menu first, Avery and I smoked JD and Easton. The kids were laughing and having so much fun. Simple pleasures.

We went grocery shopping (with NO fighting), got drinks at Sonic's happy hour, and got home in time to throw home made ice cream in the maker and headed to the baseball field.

Easton really wanted to strike me out. His pitching is coming along. I couldn't help but laugh at him on the mound. He was so serious, but was so afraid of hitting me all the pitches were outside. Our friends the James' met us there and we had a little practice. Suzanne and I can really hit the ball. I don't know who was more surprised by that, us or our husband or our boys. JD decided to try his gimpy hand out by batting. He was only bunting and Suz and I were chatting behind second base. We heard the crack of the bat and intinctively look up right as a ball came whizzing between our heads. 12 inches either way and it would have taken one of us out. JD felt REALLY bad, (I think it scared him to the core) and we called the game.

The James' came over for a B-B-Q and home made ice cream.

Afterwards, JD and I watched Dear John. It was a great Memorial Day movie. A great portrayal of what soldiers give up for us. Not just their mortal life, they give up living their lives. They give up falling in love, having children, a regular job. And they do this all for their pride and love for this country and the people who live here.

Thank you to all the people who proudly serve this country so that I can have weekends like this in safety and freedom. Thank you for fighting to make sure people around the world may one day have the same freedoms and safety that so many of us take for granted.