Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What I learned on Spring Break

Dear Teacher,

Spring break is great. Here's what I learned today:

  1. Styrofoam peanuts, when crunch up, and dropped from the balcony will stick to the wall that's 10 feet high and mom can't get the vacuum to.
  2. If you dropped an unopened can of soda pop it can explode and the impact radius is 5 feet. This includes the fridge, walls, doors, table and my face.
  3. If the wind get too strong our trees will break and the power will go out for hours.


See ya soon!

The Rex kids

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Have you ever seen the horror flick Leperchaun? Well, it seems as though my little Avery either saw it or is preparing to write the sequel. She told Carson that the Leperchaun were upstairs in his room. If he was mean to them they would cut off his head in his sleep. So, of course Carson refused to go upstairs all by himself and would only get in his bed after I sent my leperchaun sniffing bloodhounds into his room to dig them out. When nothing was found and after many promises that I would NEVER let anything into our house that would harm him, he climbed into bed....with the light ON.

Thanks Avery :(

Those Trouble Making Leperchaun's!

Those little green guys were up to no good at the Rex's the St. Paddy's day. First they made all the cupcakes and icing green. The little guys then stepped in the icing and tracked it all over the kitchen. They hid their gold coins all over the house. They were in the frosting, eggs, in with the cereal, and in the kids covers! They turned the milk green and the eggs too. Both of which the kids wouldn't touch.

The kids went to school and found their desked turned up side down and the teachers computer in the sink. They were all beside themselves at these mischevious little men.

St Paddy's Day

There once was a couple that jumped on a plane,
The arrived in land that always had rain.
The skies were all gray and the ground was all green,
It was one of the most beautiful places either had seen.
They jumped in a car and drove on the wrong side of the street,
The people were so friendly, whom ever they did meet.
High into the mountains and low onto the moors,
They criss crossed the country with nary a bore.
They saw castles and churches, cliffs and the sea.
They crashed into a wall and nearly fell into that sea.
An Irish traffic jam they soon were to learn,
Consisted of cows on the road and that didn't take turns.
They fell in love with the country and hope to return soon,
Where they stayed up late and slept until noon.

Hope you have the luck of the Irish all the day,
and at one time find yourself in this land far away.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cancer Sucks!!!

Two very good friends that happen to be neighbors have both had cancer strike their families this month. One in a not so old grandma, and the other in the sweetest blue eyed little 3 year old..... There is a gray cloud hanging over our little Wisteria Lane tonight.

We'll keep you in our prayers tonight and always!!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Got Milk?

Imagine this......You cut into this still warm chocolate cake. You pour yourself a big glass of milk from the brand new gallon, because that's the only thing that could compliment this cake. You sit down with the cup, the plate and with your fork in hand, you plan your attack. First bite; edge piece with equal amounts of frosting, filling and cake. Second bite; the very tip......oh it's so moist and delicious. Your mouth now craves relief from the scrupmtous chocolatey over load. You grab the cold glass, put the creamy liquid to your lips and gulp down relief.......

Only to then send the contents of your mouth spewing all over the table and the cake. You run to the sink retching what still remains in your mouth. You turn on the faucet and start swishing fresh water around and spitting it out until there is no more traces of the ROTTEN MILK that you have just injested.

Thanks Harmon's.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quick trip to D-land

So this past Sunday, I found myself in a bit of a dilema. I had given some good friends buddy passes and we were all supposed to go on a cruise this week. But, since my work is so crazy I wasn't able to get the time off. They were going to go alone. Flying standby is a crazy thing. They were good to go until late Sunday night and then everything went haywire. It came down to them either buying a ticket, not going and loosing the cruise money, or me flying down with them. The latter was the only thing I had no guilt with. So after working a grave yard shift I awoke 2 hours later and gathered up my 4 year old and we all headed to the airport. We all got on the flight with little issues and 2 hours later I dropped the couple off for their 4 day cruise.

Carson and I had 7 hours until the flight home. What to do in Cali with 7 hours to kill with a 4 year old???? Disneyland of course!

We had a fun time just the two of us. In the end we were able to go on almost all the rides he wanted to. Rides including, all the Mt rides (ie, Space, Thunder, Slash) he was disapointed the madahorn(sp) was closed, but cheered up when I bought him this turkey leg, that weighed almost as much as him.

He devoured this thing. I enjoyed for a few bites, but once it cooled down and we got to the tendons and things he was on his own. He was more than happy to strip it down to the bone.

The Buzz ride has changed a bit, I assume it has something to do with the new movie coming out.

I was nervous to take him on Space Mt, but he's all into Star Wars these days so I thought he would enjoy the building if not the ride. We got on the ride and he had a death grip on my arm. His little head barely hit the head reast. We went through the entire ride and his grip didn't lessen. At the end I leaned down to see if he was ok. He answered in a shakey voice, "That....Was....AWESOME!" He was a brave boy and seems to have the inklings of an adrenaline junky.