Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First day of school...2 down 2 to go!

Yes, these are MY two oldest children. They are not imposters!

So, I sent my two big kids off to school. As of last week I would have paid some one for school to start earlier. We were all ready for them to be out of the house. So I was oddly surprised at myself the night before school started. Avery insisted on making her first lunch for school. I had planned to make her lunch with a cute little note and extra special food. But true to form, she made it herself, packed it up, stuck it in her bag and refused to let me touch it. The next morning she was up before the sun, dressed, hair done, shoes on, backpack on, ready to head out the door 45 minutes early. She didn't require or desire ANY help from me. I dropped her off at her classroom, where she ran in without a second glance back, with no special note in her lunch and no hug or kiss.

I started to cry.

Then Easton. Sunday night he saw every hour on the clock, which meant I saw every hour on the clock. At 5:45 I finally drugged him up and we slept until 7:30. I parked the car at school with the intent on walking him to his class and taking a picture. He was out of the car and gone before I had even closed my door. I ran and caught up to take one picture and he was gone.

I started to cry.

I found a little boy standing outside the school crying because his mom had dropped him off and left. He was lost, confused and very sad. I found him his classroom and told the teacher what happened. And left the school for the third time. And agian.....

I started to cry.

Am I the only mother who goes on this emotional rollercoaster when their children go off to school? I was on the edge of tears all day long. I was able to get so many things done with only 2 little ones at home, but we all missed the chaos of our summer routine. I'm sure in a month I will look back on this and laugh that I missed chaos and didn't wallow in my freedom, but for today it's bitter sweet.

Friday, August 21, 2009

And the summer comes to a close

I have been neglecting my blog while I have been trying to make some last minute summer memories before I send them off to school.

- We went to the zoo with cousins a few weeks back.
- We went to see Night and the Museum at the dollar show.
- Spent the afternoon at the bookstore. (a fav past time for more than just me)
- went to the Children's Museum with our friends the McCurdy's
- Played in the fountains at the Gateway
- Visisted the park countless times
- Ended the summer at the zoo.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Football practice with Louie Sakoda

Easton had the great opportuntiy to have a one on one kicking lesson from the one and only Louie Sakoda of the '08 National Champions Utah Utes football team (check the Rex poll, it's true)

They were the only ones in the stadium. The security guard was going to kick them out. Louie Sakoda humbly tried to explain to the guard that he use to play for the Utes and had permission to use the field. The guard chuckled and said I know who you are, just lock up when you're done. He has no idea he is a hero and legend to all Ute fans.
Louie explains that you can't play with out a good stretch. Don't want to pull a hammy.
Louie shows the proper way to hold your foot to get the best control.
Easton sets up the ball to try out what he has learned. He did very well for his first time and now wants to be a kicker.

Thanks Scott for allowing my boys an amazing experience.

Sick puppy

My dog Murray gave me quite a scare this week. She tried to jump our back fence and in her old age, didn't make it over. She got tangled up in the fence and nearly broke her leg. She wouldn't move for an entire day. She seems to be on the mend now, but we were really worried there for a while.

Happy Birthday Halle Bear!

My baby girl is 5. I can hardly believe it. When she was 2 I asked her if she would be my baby for ever. She said yes, and it's been our little thing ever since. Well the day before her birthday she asked me what day it was. I told her it was Saturday. She got this silly smile on her face. I asked what she was thinking. She said well, that means tomorrow is my birthday. I agreed with her. Then she says, this is the last day that I can be your baby. I am growing up tomorrow. I almost cried.

We took Halle and Carson to Disneyland for Halle's birthday.

Here we are at a little cupcake boutique in Newport Beach, called Sprinkles. They are $45.00 for a dozen, no joke. We bought 4. They are good, but 3.50/cupcake??? All I can say is Happy Birthday Halle.

The kids did not want to go the beach at all. Which was weird. So, I talked JD into just driving down there with out swimming suits or anything. They played in the sand and with little crabs that were all over the beach. Of course, I had to drag the kids out of the sand an hour and a half later.

Here's Disneyland for Halle's birthday. Halle has always be brave with rides and couldn't wait to go on Indiana Jones, she was finally tall enough. Carson was tall enough to go on all the rides, so we had a ton of fun. He would look all stone faced and nervous while he was on the ride. He did the same on Splash Mountain, at the end I asked if he was ok. He says in a monotone voice. That....ride....was....the best ride EVER! Halle loved the princess and Pixie Hallow, plus the rides and the parade, and the ice cream, and mini mouse, and the dumbo ride. Pretty much, the entire day.

The princess and Pixie hallow

The rides

The Parade

Minie Mouse and Dumbo

Summer afternoon at the parkway

We love the parkway. There is soemthing for everyone. Water fountains to run through. Grass to run on. Trees to lie beneath. Birds to feed.

There's nothing like enjoying the summer sun.
The kids take all the ends of my loaves of bread and feed the birds. There were baby ones that were being picked on by the bigger ducks. They were so worried the babies were going to starve.
Easton opted for the shade of a little tree and to read his book. He may look just like his dad, but he's got some of his mom in him too.
Halle's new thing is collecting leaves. She is enthralled with how many shapes, sizes and colors they come in.
Carson loved this new found drying system. He laid there for 10 minutes.