Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Liver for Lulu Boutique

Please join us in helping this family. Raffle tickets can be purchased through me. Leave a comment or email me on any questions.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Grab a tissue, trust me

I have been privledge to come across a family in need. Check out this blog Little Lulu is in need of a liver transplant. She is less than a year old and fighting for her life every day. The hospital bills are piling up.

I know how it feels to watch a loved one die, but can't even fathom watching a child suffer everyday as their tiny body slowly starts to fail. How would my husband or I even be able to leave the childs side to go make the money that is needed for the care to keep her alive? The answer? We wouldn't, as I imagine most of us would answer.

This young family has another healthy child at home that they still need to provide for. Both with their time, love and financially.

I, in conjunction with my sister-in-law are putting together a fundraiser to help this family. In the next few days more details will come about the big event; dates, times, etc. But, I couldn't wait for the details before I let everyone know about this little fighter.

In times when money is short and stress is high, we should all be thankful for the health and love of our loved ones.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Murray Black to play in the Championship game

I just can't get enough of those chubby cheeks in her cheerleading outfit. I didn't get her boots in the pic, but picture knee high black fuzzy boots. Adorable!!

This little team won't take no for an answer. They just keep winning. They are some tough little boys. They practice 3 days a week for 2 hours, plus their games on Saturday. Come rain or shine or snow they'll be playing for the championship. They are playing Kearns, which was their first game and first loss. These boys have some redemption coming and are so excited to kick some Kearns butt!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Easton football

Easton's little football team made a great come back from the beginning of the season to make the play offs. We're so proud of him and the whole team.

Halloween fun

I may be the biggest believer in Halloween out there, but after 8 parties I am ready to move on. What's next, not Thanksgiving.....Not New Moon....It's my birthday! mark your calenders....

Anyway, back to all the Halloween fun the Rex's had this year.

Halloween fun at shool. It's fun being a room mom and helping the kids enjoy the holidays. Lots of work, but well worth it. Avery's class made little crafts. I called them book marks. Popsicle sticks with foam stickers. Easton's class made these cool haunted houses and had spooky treats.

Here's the anual cookie decoration party with the kids friends. Lots of our friends were home with the dreaded swine flu, so we may have to do a repeat with Christmas trees of something.

The always fun pumpkin carving. This year we had no less than 27 pumpkins ranging in sizes. And guess who got to carve most of them :) It's a good thing I like Halloween. We had Mater, a witch, U of U, aliens, ghosts and faces. So much icky fun.

and Finally trick or treating. The big kids went off to the Utah football game with JD and I took the little one trick or treating. Carson was so excited and kept leaving Halle in the dust. There were a lot of people not at home, either the flu or the football game kept lights off, but they had fun anyway.

Leaves are falling all around.....

....on the tree tops on the ground.

When you have to shovel the leaves, you know you have a lot of trees.

The kids had so much fun gathering leaves, jumping in them and trying to drown each other under them. I love our home. Not too many places left where you can build your home and still have mature trees like these in your backyard.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And the winner is?????

JD's was the big block U and mine was the little white one with the feathers.....Tab, the one behid is Mater, from Cars. Not a monkey or dog, thank you very much.

Thanks for playing!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Things that made me smile

My 3 year just told me he likes me and the way I walk.

He said he knows why I like him. It's because I had him in my belly.

I love this age!