Friday, October 30, 2009

Utah Halloween Poll

In honor of the stupidest game time in Ute football history, JD and I carved some U pumpkins. I think mine is superior to his. We would like to put it out there for your opinion. Please take the poll on the side of the posts. I'll post who's who after Halloween.

I should be posting a poll of "should JD ditch me on my favorite holiday and go to the Utah game, or should he stay here with me for my anual Halloween party, which btw is just us because of said game and the wonderful swine flu that has hit my nieghborhood."

So, I will be here after trick or treating with my preschoolers, roasting hotdogs and watching the Utah game. All are welcome, that is, all that are not stricken with swine, bird or any other kind of flu.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sunday Drive

This past Sunday was the perfect day to take a mini road trip. The kind of drive my parents used to drag me on that I would fight and complain the entire time...... My kids fortunately didn't fight us at all. JD thinks that's because we're much cooler than our parents were. I think they just haven't started to hate us yet. It will come I'm sure, but for now we enjoyed a very fun afternoon as a family.

We headed up Parley's to see the leaves and quickly discovered the dreaded frost line. For those of you not in Utah, that is the level of elevation that the frost/snow has come down to. The leaves were brown and dead. We were a little disapointed. We came down through Imigration Canyon and we relieve with the bright colors we saw. We ended up in Millcreek with our little picnic lunch.

We spread out a blanket in the middle of a grassy field that over hung with the brightest orange leaves. It was amazing.

(not sure how to fix this, so just turn your computer on its side)

After our lunch I made the girls try on all of my outfits so I could get some pictures of people in them, since they look so much cuter on. Well, we had a blast. The girls were born super models and I a professional photographer. Well, maybe not, but between the scenery, the outfits, and happiness the photos turned out great.

The boys meanwhile found a stream that they were determined to dam up. They threw every twig, branch and log in a 500 ft radius into the stream. Hours of fun.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I'm doing a little tutorial tomorrow morning on how I do my whole shopping thing. If any one is interested, email me.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sample of Noni Photography

This pretty little girl is all mine.

It takes an artist to turn that scrowl into something beautiful. Thanks Non.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Easting Out Stimulus Style

An anual trip to the mountains and the closest thing the Rex's get to camping out, proved to be a fun night. Fun and warm.

The weather man warned us of an incoming cold storm. So, the mountain trip was abruptly moved up 5 days. We had a full night, but I managed to have the car packed with food and wood, and we zipped up the canyons. We barely had enough daylight to get the campfire going and the hotdogs on the roasting sticks.
Diet or not, roasted marshmellows are my weekness and I'm passing on the tradition.
We learned a new trick for s'mores. Put your mellow between two chocolate striped shortbread cookies and you save yourself a couple of steps.
We talked grandma into coming with us. She is such a help to have around and the kids really do like her better than me.
Here is our corner table with a view. The only person we had to tip was the wild bunny that kept hopping into our camp site.
They order a hotdog where ever we take them.
As much as he hates every second of this, he was a great sport and kept up a smile.
Easton tried out some new found scouting tricks and kept putting pine needles into the fire to see what they'd do.
Cheetos and hotdogs. A child's dream meal.
This was right when we arrived. Halle came home for shades dirtier than this. I love my little dirt magnet.